The HA Web Solution Company, will be referred to throughout these Terms and Conditions simply as “we” or “us”, and you the customer be known as “you”. By using our website and related services, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Any money added to your HAWEBS Company account balance will remain available to spend on services/products made available by us (without an expiration date).
  • You may not request to withdraw money from your HAWEBS Company account for any reason once it has been added.
  • The currency of our account balances are Great British Pounds (GBP). Any money sent to us in any other currency will be converted to GBP at the prevailing exchange rate prior to being added to your account balance.
  • We will not issue any refunds back to your credit/debit card or other payment system for monies added to your account.

Please Note: Any payments not cleared within 3-5 working days either by your credit/debit card or by cash, We will suspend your Account & Website unless the funds are clear.

We agree to:
  • Publish the listing of your website services.
  • Reserve the right to remove any inappropriate listings at any time without notice.
You agree to:
  • List websites belonging to you and you only.
  • List only sites that are web design-related.
  • Not write anything defamatory or obscene.
  • Keep your contact details up to date.
We agree to:
  • Supply those contact details that are censored as stated in the unpurchased lead
  • For Premium leads, guarantee to provide a functioning client telephone number (whether mobile or landline) and email address.
  • Make no guarantee regarding the client’s actions, ability to pay for a project or quality and frequency of communications to you, as this is beyond our control.
  • Not issue any refunds for any Hosting, Domains & Design Leads.
  • Not issue any refunds back to you credit/debit card or other payment system for monies added to your account.
You agree to the following:
  • In no way should you infer that a lead is a guaranteed sale.
  • Provide us with a functioning email address belonging to you, with which to contact you.
  • During your association with us, you will not purport nor claim to be an employee or representative of The HAWEBS Company.
  • When contacting clients via web design leads, you may introduce yourself as an associated design company of The HAWEBS Company.
  • Be responsible for contacting the lead clients and conducting business between yourself and the client without any further involvement from us.

Please Note: If HAWEBS is not doing the contents for you, All the contents given by you and used for your website, You will be responsible for the copyrights law & plagiarism policy.

We agree to the following:
  • Display your advertisement as exactly supplied by you. We will not be held liable for any spelling inaccuracies or omissions in text or source code.
  • Make no guarantees about the number of click-throughs your advertisement may receive.
  • In the case of site-wide advertisements, shuffle the advertisements to give equal exposure to all advertisers.
  • Reserve the right to remove or reject any advertisement that is derogatory, defamatory or otherwise deemed inappropriate in any way.
  • You agree to the following:
  • Have the right to request changes to your advertisement at any time.