HA Web Solutions have tried to collate a comprehensive list of questions that we are asked relating to the internet and web site design. If we have made any omissions and you wish to add to this list, or if you would like to find out more about our services, contact HAWEBS for more details. Please note that whilst we have attempted to make sure the information here is correct, we will not be held responsible for any errors. The Internet is an ever changing world, check back often for updates.

Can I get email accounts with my website?
Yes, HAWEBS can supply pop e-mail for use with Outlook® and other pop mail programs. E-mail forwarding and even ONLINE mail so that you can access your email from anywhere.
Can I track how many visitors I have had on my website?
Yes, HAWEBS supply comprehensive graphical statistics when your website is hosted with us. This shows you when people visited and from where, what browsers they use and much much more. We can also incorporate more advanced statistic applications such as Google Analytics. Please contact HAWEBS for more details.
Will my website come up on the Search engines?
Yes, we register all new sites with the top search engines like Google and Yahoo, and there are Meta Tag editors built into our web content management system to allow you to edit your tags. We can also help with website marketing and search engine optimisation and search engine marketing. Please contact HAWEBS for details.
Can I Register my Domain name through HAWEBS?
Yes, you can register domains such as .com, .uk, .org, .eu from the website or we can register it for you on at competitive market rates. Please contact HAWEBS for more details.
Can I transfer my existing domain name to HAWEBS?
Yes. Please ask us and we can arrange IPS or DNS transfer to us.
Can I have an e-commerce web site design?
Yes. HAWEBS have developed a CMS shopping cart and connections to secure credit card ordering through 3rd party payment providers. Please contact HAWEBS for more details about e-commerce web site design.